"I went to see Memuna to help me with my weight problems. I've dieted my whole life, I think I've tried them all and nothing really worked! I've always lost weight, to begin with, but then I've always piled it back on again and more. I've come to the conclusion that diets just don't work for me. Memuna's therapy was very different and has helped me change my relationship with food altogether. I'm controlling my portions, drinking a lot more water and not craving junk like I used to. I've actually surprised myself. I don't feel guilty if I eat a bit of chocolate because I can eat what I like. I seem to be able to have a bit of what I like and leave the rest. I couldn't do this before. If I opened a packet of biscuit I'd eat the full pack. Not anymore though. I've managed to reduce my dress size and feel better about myself. I've really enjoyed having hypnotherapy with Memuna and would like to thank her for all her encouragement and support."


"I have so enjoyed Memuna’s lively and thoughtful guidance since meeting her. I met Memuna at a very difficult time in my life, and she helped me work through feelings of anxiety, stress and issues of trust and emotional vulnerability. Working with her through guided meditation has helped me to feel more balanced and more confident in myself. It is exciting to be working with a practitioner who adapts her practice and methods to your needs and what you prefer, and Memuna has always been great about being accommodating in when and where we have our sessions. Her voice and presence is soothing, and she will bring light and positivity into your meditation practice."


"Memuna guided me through a number of sessions of hypnotherapy to help me combat a few ongoing issues I have, including repetitive bad dreams and anxiety. Her choice of words makes the whole experience feel so personal and tailored to your exact needs, something I'm sure leads to the brilliant results I experienced. The changes are subtle, but profound and I am very thankful to have had the chance to work with Memuna."


"I had a session with Memuna to work through my driving anxiety and it's been really worth it. I'm driving independently again and know how to calm myself down quickly if I feel like i'm becomming anxious on the road.

I wasn't really sure what to expect, but Memuna put me at ease pretty much straightaway and helped me achieve a level of relaxation that i've not experienced before.

Thanks to Memuna, I feel like i'm in control again".