Hypnosis for Exercise Motivation

Amazing Mind Gym

Scientific researchers have found that we are capable of increasing our muscle strength and becoming fitter simply by imagining that we are doing a work out.

Can it get any better than that?

A university experiment by Iowa had a group of participants bending their small finger (group A) over five weekly sessions for four weeks in total. They also had a second group of participants (group B) just imagining bending their small finger but they didn’t actually do it.

By the end of the research, both groups muscle strength was measured and the researchers discovered that group A (did the physical bending) had increased their finger strength by 30%.

Group B (imagined bending) had increased their finger strength by 22%. The fascinating discovery is that this group managed to increase their finger strength just by imagining they were working out. The point is, if you’re not a gym lover then maybe this new pioneering mind technology is just right for you.

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