Hypnosis Gastric Band

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss in Leeds

In recent years, conventional gastric band surgery has quadrupled – people are paying a minimum of £7000 and more for this dangerous and intrusive procedure. Hypnotherapy for gastric bands is a suitable and proven alternative.

Hypnosis Slimming have invented a proven method that installs a virtual gastric or hypnotic band. This system will re-programme your mind into believing that it’s had a real gastric band fitted. As a result, you will feel full a lot quicker and stop over eating. This is exactly how you would feel if you had a real surgical gastric band. The Hypnosis gastric band method addresses you’re eating habits, lifestyle, as well as the root cause of why your always overeating, increasing the likelihood of longer term success and a gaining a healthy body AND self-confidence.

Hypnosis Slimming Gastric Bands are created over 5 individual sessions with some preparation as well as a follow-up to make sure the process is working. I also provide the Paul McKenna gastric Band system, too.

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Note: This method is for people with a BMI over 30.