Sports Hypnosis

Sports Performance

Hypnotherapy engages with the sportspersons mind in a positive manner to help him/her to concentrate on their individual goal/s and to accomplish them. Having the ability to control negative emotions and thought processes is the foundation of sports psychology, and can be attained within hypnosis.

Hypnosis can do to the mind exactly what the physical activity does to the athlete’s physical body. The theory underpinning sports hypnotherapy is that being able to relax is vital to improving an athletes sport performance and s/he athletes might perform much better if they’re capable of relaxing mentally and completely focusing on the immediate task. Hypnosis generally helps athletes achieve a level of relaxation throughout rehearsal and competition.

Hypnosis can help to manage stress and control anxiety in athletes, too. Athletes can develop an automatic response to pre-established stimulus which is aimed at accomplishing peak performance levels. Sports hypnosis can eliminate any phobic response, like 'Target Panic' in the Golfers and fears of more injuries in athletes who have had an injury.

The effect of hypnotherapy on several different elements of sport performance has been researched to include improving basketball skills, being in a zone in golf and putting performance, long-distance running, archery performance and being in a zone and short-serves in badminton.

Some of the most famous sports stars to undergo regular hypnosis to help them succeed in life include Tiger Woods and David Beckham. Both of which have enjoyed prolific careers while Tiger Woods is still competing today.

Using hypnosis within sports provides the following benefits which might help athletes deal with personal challenges that otherwise might affect their performance in a negative way:

  • Helps to strengthen performance goals
  • Supports athletes to handle anxiety in a better way
  • Helps athletes to relax
  • Helps with stress management
  • Improves concentration
  • Gets rid of sports related phobias and responses
  • Offers the athlete the ability to get rid of distractions
  • Helps control pain
  • Enhances motivation to perform
  • Increases body awareness

Cost: The cost of a single sports performance or injury management session is £60 and lasts 60 minutes.