Hypnosis Sugar Addiction

Hypnosis Sugar Addiction

The latest research indicates that addiction to sugar is third in line to alcohol and smoking, plus the likelihood of fatality and ill health is almost just as high.

The majority of us become addicted to sugar when we’re children; it was when our parents, family and friends unintentionally gave us sugary treats for comfort.

More recently, the food industry, who has been forced into eliminating fats from their food produce, have become aware of the bland taste of their food with less fat content. Therefore they have started to add extra sugar to enhance the taste of processed foods and possibly cashed in on the addictive properties of sugar!

And nowadays sugar addiction is believed to be one of the major contributors to obesity and ill health. This is so unfortunately!

Hypnosis for sugar addiction

My weight control programme uses modern hypnotic tools and techniques to free you from your sugar addiction, consequently you will have sustained energy levels all throughout the day. You will also reduce your body fat and a have much healthier attitude towards life in general.