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Hypnotherapy for Anxiety and Stress in Leeds

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Anxiety is an uneasy and uncomfortable feeling such as fear or worry, which can be mild, moderate or severe (nhs.uk). It can be triggered by a response to stress, alternatively it can happen to people who can’t identify major stressors in their lives.

We all experience anxiety at some stage in – for instance, you might feel anxious and worried about a driving test, job interview, or an operation. It’s perfectly normal to feel anxious during these times. Still, some of us find it extremely difficult to control our worries. Our anxiety feelings are more frequent and can regularly affect our day-to-day lives.

You can start to use hypnosis immediately as an alternative therapy to calm your mind. 

Hypnosis has been used to alleviate anxiety and stress for a long time now and we have enough evidence to prove that it really works.   Research undertaken by Stanford University clearly states that during hypnosis, something occurs in the brain that doesn’t usually happen.

How does hypnosis help anxiety and stress?

In all my therapy sessions, I will gently guide you into a deeply relaxed state.  I don’t expect you to do anything other than listen – it’s as easy as that.

We’re all capable of experiencing deep relaxation, although for the majority of us, our heads get in the way.  Most of us try hard to relax by listening to music, watching TV, playing sport, running, but normally our minds are always engaged.  We’re busy analysing, thinking or chatting.  During hypnosis, I support and guide you to completely disengage with your own thought processes, and help you get into a very relaxed state.  You’re always alert and in control.

Throughout this deep relaxation, your mind becomes quiet and is much more open and willing to change.  I will facilitate a change in your emotional response as well as encourage your mind and your body to deliver a relaxation response.

Let’s use fear of heights as an example. During your session, I will offer you some ‘posthypnotic suggestions’ whilst you’re in a hypnotic state.

In this dreamy state, the mind is a lot more open to any given suggestion. This enables me to suggest how calm and confident you’ll feel next time you’re up high.

Because you’re in a relaxed state, it’s a lot easier to prevent the intense anxiety symptoms you might usually experience like: short breath; a feeling of impending doom; muscle tightness; irritability; increased heart rate; and a nervous stomach.

The results of hypnosis vary from person to person.  Some people experience full changes in a few sessions to include greater relaxation, feeling in control, and positivity; others can take a bit longer to heal.  It depends on the individual and the state their subconscious mind is in at the time.  We have around 60,000 thoughts per day, and the majority of them are negative unfortunately.  It could take longer to notice changes if you have a lot of negative thoughts going on – it doesn’t matter how much you consciously want to change them.   It’s not impossible though, so let me help you retrain your mind over a few extra sessions to create life-long change.

Cost: A full hypnotherapy session for anxiety and stress cost £60.  The session lasts 60 minutes and the initial consultation is free.

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